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Cigar rolling is just one of the features that are available for Southern California events. Other area and venues such as the Beverly Hills hotel, The Chateau Marmont and other high-end, upscale venues have also had cigar servers (which are waitresses that serve guests cigars) and custom cigar labels that are designed specifically for your Big Day to express whatever you'd like.

All of these features make cigar rolling demonstrations a staple for weddings in particular, throughout Southern California. Brides-to-be not only have custom cigar bands designed free of charge but the designers will create unique designs for each Bride every time, even going as far as accenting the color in the same color as the Bridesmaids' dresses. These amenities are available for all weddings.
Cigar rolling demonstrations as well as the cigars make for one of the most remembered features at the reception.

Golf outings are also make up a very big demographic of clients for CF Dominicana cigar rolling events. Cigar rolling events in Los Angeles work best for weddings, golf outings and corporate trade shows.

The cigar rollers that roll the cigars can be booked either in pairs or singularly which is common for corporate trade shows.

Brides-to-be often book a cigar rolling demonstration for their guests and the Bridal party to enjoy which are usually the cigar lovers, including the father's. The cigar rolling demonstrations are enhanced with custom graphics on the cigars that are designed free of charge by our in-house graphics designers that create the artwork specifically for each Bride. There are no cigar bands that look alike. This level of attention to detail is appreciated by Brides and to maintain the theme of the wedding, we even design the artwork to match the color of the reception.

This kind of level of attention to detail is what the brand is about in other words, whatever can get the cigars exposed to more people we will gladly do. What we can do to make our cigars part of people's lifestyles is what our focus is on and thus creates new followers of the brand.

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Cigar Rolling for Los Angeles events
Cigar rollers roll cigars not only on a given hole of the course but during registration, shotgun starts and the rewards dinners. The golf outings make for the best venues as they often have great outdoor areas and a guest list full of cigar lovers in a cigar friendly country club.

Whatever your situation is, feel free to fill out the contact form so we can generate a quote for you and check for availability also, if you have any questions just feel free to call.