About CF Cigars

San Diego and surrounding areas all use the same imported cigars from the Dominican republic that are sold in upscale tobacco stores throughout the U.S.


San Diego cigar roller events use the same imported CF Dominicana Cigars sold in stores.

The cigars that are rolled at the events are the same standard of quality fould throughout the U.S. Custom Orders are also available without a cigar roller for more intimate guest lists and events that are under 50 guests as it's better to invest in the product and not the show for these smaller groups.

Contact us for consulting regardin the best madel cigar for your event, we look forward to hearing from you.

*Models shown are our most popular, all sizes are available - we are the manufacturer.

There is a correct cigar to choose for each event setting and the cigars we will recommend for your San Diego affair will match correctly with your vision for your Big Night.

Golf outings tend to have players that have time to spend on the course so a Churchill, like the Tribeca, is recommended for these events.

San Diego weddings have a restricted amount of time and thus, robustos like the SoHo cigar is recommended as it smokes for only 30 minutes and Brides like that as it keeps the focus of their Big Day on the couple. All cigars can have custom-designed cigar bands to remind everyone of the reason why they are at your special event.

Contact us so we can elaborate and suggest the best features for your event.